Our services

Finding information on tenders and funding opportunities.
We offer services of finding all necessary information in abundance of sources (the average CEO of a small company, despite everything does not have time to study the detailed documentation of the funds, tenders, subsidized loans nor to filter out what is suitable for the company).
Education related to creating and designing projects, funding sources.
The main cause of small withdrawals from EU funds is an insufficient number of projects designed in the spheres funded. The project is a developed idea / investment for which you ask money from the fund, which must correspond with the segments that are financed and on the other hand you directly or indirectly benefit the business.
Creating a cost benefit analysis
It is made for projects that are not or are not entirely profit-oriented - usually financed grants or through public-private partnerships, and their goal is not primarily the achievement of return for the investor, but ensuring long-term benefits for the community (for example the construction of infrastructure in a municipality, city ).
Business plans, feasibility and investment studies
Studies have different names, but basically comes down to the same - to show whether your project is worth the investment, either for your own needs or for the needs of banks, institutions, partners in financing.
Preparation of legal papers
With the complete preparation of documentation we provide you the service of completing applications for proposals for EU funding and create reports on the projects for purposes of the EU, ministries and banks after the implementation of the financing.
Conducting project preparation according to the requirements of each tender
Projects should be prepared according to the requirements of tenders starting from the outset, otherwise the entire process collapses.
The organizational layout of Department of Finance and Accounting
Besides the organizational set-up, we perform testing and selection of candidates for employment in the areas of finance and accounting.

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