About us

Zobnica Ltd

The company Zobnica Ltd was founded in 2014.,whose core business is consulting in the field of preparation of projects for EU and other funds . Director of a company Antonela Lozančić, who has a 10 -year-old experience of advising in the preparation of projects for EU and other sources of funding, is especially competent in the sphere of tourism and rural development.The solutions we provide are tailored and adapted to the specific needs and demands of our clients.
The name itself – Zobnica Ltd presents traditional woven handbag characteristic for all areas of Dalmatia, so it also refers to the focus of our activities. The logical sequence of events is the development of a portal called Ethno Dalmatia which was published 01/01/2016. years.


About Ethno Dalmatia

The idea of launching a specialized Internet portal that will allow advertising services / products exclusively entities that fall within the sphere of ethnic and eco-tourism, was motivated by the fact that at present there does not exist a quality portal of this type. The fact that such project can be financed from the EU funds is also very attractive. On the other hand, tourists who come to Dalmatia have become more demanding – sun and sea is no longer enough; they want to taste original Dalmatian gastronomy and experience all the benefits of traditional rural areas.

Ethno Dalmatia is a portal which allows visitors (foreign and local guests) all the information and opportunities in eco-ethno sphere: accommodation, resorts, inns, wine tasting, folk events and activities in rural areas.