About ETHNO Dalmatia

We invite you to become part of the portal that encourages the development of ethno / rural tourism Dalmatia, tourism which main objective of the trip back to nature.

Who can advertise at the portal Ethno Dalmatia?

At the portal ETHNO Dalmatia can advertise subjects from region of Dalmatia (4 counties) and the whole area is divided into 33 sub-regions.

Ad types that may be published are:

  • Accommodation (rural houses, camps, lighthouses, apartments, rooms etc.)
  • Food and drink (wine shops, tasting rooms, wine cellars etc.)
  • Traditional products (souvenirs, weaving, homemade liqueurs, soaps etc.)
  • Events (concerts, festivals, fairs, knight games, performances etc.)
  • Recreation and adventures (hiking, biking, safari, horseback riding, kayaking and so on.)
  • Excursions (organized trips and travel - packages)
  • Natural and cultural heritage (natural and cultural attractions such as Krka, Plitvice etc.)

To be advertised at portal ETHNO Dalmatia, the subject must satisfy at least 2 of the 3 criteria defined by terms: rural, facing nature, folk, traditional / indigenous, which complement each other and partly overlap.

  • Rural - located or carried out in the rural, "non-urban" area. It helps the development of rural areas, promotes the region and raises the attractiveness of rural destinations.
  • Facing nature - organized / carried out in the open air, supports the protection of natural resources.
  • Ethnic / traditional / native - cultural heritage that is passed on from generation to generation. It covers their knowledge, and artistic crafts and rituals, moral principles and food tradition. Contributes to the preservation of local or regional identity, traditional heritage and customs.
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